15 Best Vue Mobile Ui Frameworks For Developing Apps

This post will showcase some of the best HTML5 UI frameworks available in the market. For Native Android Mobile App Development, Kotlin is the most effective framework. It is small and straightforward, and thus, this boosts the development process.

If you do decide to go with the hybrid app approach using Capacitor and Vue then take a look at this tutorial and this tutorial for a good starting point. The free version of MDB Vue provides 500+ material UI elements completely built with Bootstrap and Vue, and no dependency on jQuery or any other JavaScript frameworks. There is also a pro version of this UI Kit, that will allow you to have even more design choices as well as professional support. With MDB vue, you will find good set of documentation, many included examples as well as active community forum. If you want to develop mobile as well as desktop UI at once using the Bootstrap framework then MDB Vue can be your best choice. Based on the Google’s material design language which is optimized for mobile as well as desktop interfaces, MDB Vue brings the power of Bootstrap as well as Vue.js together.

Mint UI provides CSS and JS components for building mobile applications such as toast, date-time picker, lazy load, progress bar, action sheet and more. Thanks to the efficient component-based java mobile apps development approach of Vue.js, Mint UI is pretty light-weight too. Framework7 is anotheropen source mobile HTML framework to develop hybrid mobile apps with iOS or Android native look and feel.

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These advanced web technologies make them ideal for both native hybrid and mobile web application development. Ktor is a free, open-source, and cross-platform mobile app development framework. It can be used to develop iOS apps, Android apps, microservices, web applications, and more. Ktor is a light-weight framework that allows you to configure the functionality transparently. Flutter is an open-source cross-platform mobile app development framework. The Framework works on a single code base, and a single code can be used to develop Android as well as an iOS app.

The Framework provides a UI toolkit and various widgets that help in the comfortable and speedy development of the mobile app. Mobile devices are now very popular among users, and their impact is only going to grow. But businesses are also increasingly interested in building mobile applications.

Android Js

In other words, choosing JavaScript as the core of your career as a software developer is a smart move. It opens many doors, allowing you to enjoy everything programming has to offer. You can check out the Quasar Play app on Android Play Store to have a feel of the framework in a real app.

js mobile frameworks

It offers lots of information on a simple interface that hides all of its complexity. Thanks to the variety of technologies such as Vue.js, Angular.js, and others, JavaScript is today at the forefront of web development. Practically every modern web development project uses JavaScript or tools and frameworks based on it. It’s now possible to build an application backend using the framework Node.js.

React Native

Another way developers can use JavaScript to build mobile applications is by choosing the hybrid app development approach. Hybrid frameworks allow writing apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to display the code in the browser view on mobile devices. However, to access hardware features such as a camera or GPS, you need to use native plug-ins.

Purchased by Adobe in 2011, PhoneGap is a mobile app development framework that used languages like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript for cross-platform app development. The cross-platform development ability allows you to develop the app for a single platform, and then you can use the same code to develop the app for various platforms. If you’re considering learning a programming language, JavaScript is an excellent starting point. Whether you’re interested in becoming a frontend or backend developer, basic knowledge of JavaScript is going to take your career one step further.

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Quasar is a UI Framework that is used to provide the Vue users with reusable, styled components, as Vue lacks them. Mainly, it is a Material Design 2, full front-end stack for Vue.js. It uses the MIT-licensed UI kit and also, comes with a lot of UI components.

Native mobile applications written for iOS and Android operating systems use completely different programming languages. If you want to build a native application, you need to engage two development teams. However, today it’s also possible to write a single app that will work on both platforms – for example, by using solutions such as React Native.

The toolkit of the framework is professionally developed, backed, and used. Given the extensively rich library, the tool is extremely powerful. Is an open-source, cross-platform mobile app development framework that works on the https://globalcloudteam.com/ Python language. It is a very easy framework to work on as a beginner, and as much a strong tool in the hands of an expert. The apps developed using the framework can perform natively on any platform that you release the app on.

I just tested the playground app of quasar and weex on an android S5. Weex feel very fluid and native while quasar was sluggish averaging around 12 frames in some rather basic transitions. Apache adoption of weex makes it very promising for the near future. Vue-Blu is a UI Component Library based on Vue.js 2.x and Bulma CSS framework.

  • Sencha Touch is one of the popular cross-platform HTML5 app development framework.
  • We provide cross platform Android JS development environment, So you can build android app from anywhere .
  • This library aims to deliver components using the same API as offered byAngular Material.
  • While there are numerous ready-to-use themes, it also includes a built-in theme builder to help tailor the look and feel of an app in a desired manner.
  • Ionic Framework offers this Vue based UI library that allows you to built iOS and Android apps from a single code base.
  • It streamlines the development process with zero time setup and uses JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Vuetify offers a wide range of Material Design components such as breadcrumbs, cards, dropdowns, navbar, sidebar, tabs etc. You can track the progress of this open source project on GitHub. Android JS is an open source project maintained on GitHub by an active community of contributors. BeeWare uses native widgets and native functionality in contrast to the theme-based approach. Enables you to develop richer user interfaces by leveraging over 80 components. It has a built-in grid system layout that facilitates the arrangement of the elements responsively.

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Then, save your Fiddle either as a GitHub Gist or to a local folder. Once pushed to GitHub, anyone can quickly try your Fiddle out by just entering it in the address bar. Learn how to wrap your web app with Electron, access all the APIs, and generate installers. Electron is an open source project maintained by the OpenJS Foundation and an active community of contributors.

We have tried to list the most popular Vue UI mobile frameworks first that have better community and support channels. With the incessantly increasing demand of HTML5 mobile applications in the market, web developers are seeking tools and frameworks that can help them deliver remarkable UX. Fortunately, today we have HTML5 UI frameworks that are specifically designed to ensure an intuitive and classy interface to augment the usability of apps.

js mobile frameworks

Allows you to integrate an on-demand and browser-based mobile interface in the same application. Easily access native mobile services like SMS, phone, camera, GPS, and more. Electron uses Chromium and Node.js so you can build your app with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Thousands of organizations spanning all industries use Electron to build cross-platform software.

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Around 75% of codes can be shared across various platforms, and therefore the developers get their hands on “write once, run everywhere” ease. Mobile App Development Framework is a software/tool that is used to develop mobile applications. It is a software library that acts as the required structure to support the development of mobile applications. JavaScript is also used in one of the most exciting areas of tech today, the Internet of Things.

While Element is a desktop UI library based on Vue 2.0, we think it is relavant to be mentioned in this article. It offers many components suitable for writing a desktop web application. Element is a good choice if you are building Vue.js based app using Electron. Kendo UI is yet another prolific HTML5 and JavaScript mobile app development UI framework that helps create apps with out of the box design and functionalities. It heavily depends on a set of various jQuery-powered UI widgets.

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The tools and the libraries are rich to develop effective cross-platform apps. It divides into three types of mobile app development categories. However, many of us just know how to use apps, and we have no or very little idea of how the apps are developed.

Bootstrap3 is ideal to create responsive HTML5 applications with spectacular interface that can run seamlessly on any device. The Mobile Angular UI is a combination of HTML5, Bootstrap, and AngularJS. If a person is familiar with BootStrap and AngularJS, they can learn this mobile app development framework in no time. It contains components like switches, sidebars, overlays, scrollable areas, etc., basically all the components that were missing in the Bootstrap. The browser has never served as a core platform for game enthusiasts.

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