22 Best Test Management Tools Oct 2022 Update

It helps you manage end-to-end testing, requirements and test execution. It comes with additional test automation support and integration with various issue tracking and development tools. It also features granular project reporting, test analytics and dashboard gadgets.

Test Management Tools Review

Alternatively, you can set your case as a ‘Generic’ or ‘Cucumber’ type. You want to be very careful when you change the type. You’ll lose whatever you’ve written under your original test type when you change it. When editing steps there’s the ability to import steps.

It’s a plugin for Chrome (so you’ll need to be working on a web based application here). This plugin allows you to record test sessions in your browser. Then you feed the session details up to QMetry. That way you have a record of what you’ve explored and what you’ve tested.

Compare The Top Free Test Management Tools Of 2022

It gives agile teams the capability of collaborating in one tool for all the different disciplines. Filters allow you to organize your issues, tests, test sets and requirements. Using filters, you can display information in each module under multiple trees. It comes with granular reporting capabilities to ensure your team is in control of your testing status. Finally, we have the integration to Bamboo and/or Jenkins. This allows you to push results from automated runs under a CI tool and pull ZFJ into that CI workflow.

Not quite the same level of features as Zephyr Scale in my opinion. As with any Jira test management tool there’s a lot of data/fields to squeeze into a single display panel. The ZFJ user interface looks a little unpolished if I’m honest. Then there’s the traceability matrix report.

Filters you can save and run on demand to see what needs to be executed. A range of pre-defined filters make it easy to see which tests are assigned to you for execution. The cycles have been well woven into the Jira way of managing versions. Version being either unreleased or released.

Qtest Manager

If you would like to suggest another tool for the list, please let us know! Also see our list of the best Jira test management tools and the best exploratory testing tools. TestLink is the top & best test management tool with an Open Source license. It enables QA teams to create and manage test cases and organize them into test plans.

Test Management Tools Review

The ability to expand a case without actually opening the record is useful too. Although the filters don’t seem to be able to cope with ‘search where a field has no value set’. For example It’s not possible to search for all cases where the Priority isn’t set. As we’re starting out then it’s worth taking a look at the main menu options. We have access to the main test management area. Also access to Exploratory Testing, Configuration and Automation.

Test Sets

Sometimes we face issues while importing or exporting data due to irrelevant or insufficient fields. PractiTest’s custom fields feature resolves these issues and help us to easily migrate from other tools to PractiTest. They’ve embedded a smart rich text / html editor for the steps too. All built in with short cut keys that’ll make any testers life a bit easier. No call to test functionality but parameterised tests are supported. Attachments can be added at the test step level.

ADO gives all that is needed when it comes to parameterising tests. When defining your test cases use the @ nomenclature. With this nomenclature parameters are automatically added to the test case.

This is a clever feature that allows you to define customized sets of data outside of the case. You should select one of the best test management tools that offer features like live chat, phone calls, FAQs, raising help desk tickets, etc. Apart from all these test management and QA tools, there are a few more tools with limited features. Most of these tools provide just test case management and integrate bug tracking via an external tool.

  • Or if you want to be less highfalutin then think of it as ‘Usage Scenarios’.
  • One neat feature, when copying from a previous cycle, is that you can select the execution status too.
  • Other API calls you’ll need to use the XRay API .
  • I’m guessing that’s work in progress because the new ‘Burndown’ reports will need that data to work.
  • We include an industry-leading feature set, with complete project auditability, in our robust requirements solution.

Cycles and executions are not implemented as a Jira issue type. The consequence of this is that you can’t search using JQL or the standard Jira search capability. Not particularly restrictive as there are ample search filters built in to ZFJ.

Choosing agood end-to-end QA management software often depends on your requirement as each of these test management tools come with their own strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, selecting the best test management tool is just the first step in an organization’s testing process. Next challenge that many organizations face these days is to build a robust testing framework that can leverage the selected testing tool and offer optimum ROI.

I am eager to share my experience with you. I would like to showcase the features of PractiTest Test Management Tool. This article helps you in finding the best test management tool that can fit the unique needs of different organizations. You can try PractiTest free trial and get hands-on experience before becoming a Premium user. Just like cases you can link a Cycle to a User Story.

#6 Creating Requirements

You can select the issue type (e.g. ‘Story’) and then see the cases assigned/linked to that story. Those stories then show the tests linked to them. Drill down further to see the individual results along with any defects that are linked. What’s useful here is that the status of those defects is shown too. So, we’ve created the cycle, now we add the tests.

Test Management Tools Review

Kualitee is a test management tool designed for testers, developers and managers. It comes with features to manage the entire https://globalcloudteam.com/ software application lifecycle with end-to-end testing. Track and link requirements, test cases, test execution and defects.

Compare The Top Test Management Tools Of 2022

Test automation support and integrations with other 3rd party tools. No requirements tracking feature to map test cases and capture traceability. No in-built defect management module to manage issues . Integration Test Management Tools Review with third-party test automation tools such as Ranorex Studio. When we identify failed tests, we pull them together to retest in subsequent builds. ADO makes this easy with a well thought out approach.

What Are The Advantages Of A Test Case Management Tool?

When you do a table of the steps is automatically added to the defect description. This’ll save you a lot of grief entering steps to reproduce. You’ll also find custom fields are configurable for steps and Results.


Just don’t get too distracted by knobs and levers. Sticking with the defaults will get you going. When you do create a new version it’s still the same Jira issue, you see the issue id go from say DEMO-T1 (1.0) to DEMO-T1 (2.0). It would appear that you can’t increment by decimals (e.g. 2.0 to 2.1) though. I never managed to work out how to do this – it wasn’t mentioned in the user guide.

Would be nice to click on a graph and see exactly which tests are making up the report. On the whole very impressed with how clean and easy to use this reporting capability. In QMetry terms a test plan is just a container for one or more cycles.

How does this scale when it comes to grouping and executing tests? One of the most important things you need to consider when deciding on the right tool is the entity relationship model implemented by the tool. That is, the relationships modeled between the entities like Epics, Stories, Plans, Cycles, etc. Whilst these relationships are all quite similar between the tools there are distinct differences. These differences can have a big impact if they doesn’t fit the way in which you work.

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