Max Lend – Money Me Money Nowmy Payday Loan

max lend loansmoney me money nowmy payday loan

Max Lend – Money Me Money Nowmy Payday Loan

Obtaining a payday loan can be an easy process, provided that you are willing to consider the various options. However, before you apply, be sure to read the requirements, terms, and fees associated with this loan.


Located in Parshall, North Dakota, Max Lend is a tribal based lender that offers short term installment loans to consumers with bad credit. Max Lend loans can range from $1,500 to $3,000. Max Lend offers a variety of loan terms including a standard repayment schedule with additional partial payments made on any scheduled payment date.

Max Lend is a bit of a hybrid lender, meaning that you’ll be working with a tribal lender and a third party lender at the same time. As a result, the customer service is a little less than stellar. However, you do have the option of dealing with a phone representative who can answer your questions over the phone.

The most interesting part of Max Lend is that you can obtain loans in states where traditional lenders aren’t able to operate. However, you might not get the same day funding in some states, such as South Dakota.


Despite its popularity, MaxLend has a number of stipulations and requirements for borrowers. The company is owned by three federally recognized sovereign American Indian Tribes and works under Tribal law.

MaxLend does not offer loans to borrowers who are in active military duty. It also does not extend loans to dependents. It also does not offer loans to residents of New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and West Virginia.

MaxLend is a loan company that specializes in short-term installment loans. These loans are similar to payday loans but are usually less expensive. Unlike payday loans, MaxLend does not require a guarantor or collateral.

MaxLend offers loans to both first time and repeat borrowers. First time borrowers may qualify for loans of up to $1,000. Second time borrowers may qualify for loans of up $2,500. MaxLend offers loan terms ranging from one to six months.


Despite the low interest rates advertised on the MaxLend website, it is important to look at the overall costs involved with using the company. There are a number of complaints aimed at the high fees that borrowers may have to pay for their loans.

MaxLend is a tribal-based lender that operates under the jurisdiction of the Tribal law. The website does not clearly indicate fees $500 or $1000 loans, commissions, or other charges associated with the loan.

When applying for a loan with MaxLend, the applicant will be required to enter details about their credit, income, and upcoming pay dates. They will also have to provide a payment method. If the applicant’s application is approved, they will receive funds the next business day via ACH. If the applicant’s information is verified, they will receive an email confirmation of their loan application.

Repayment schedule

Getting a MaxLend loan can be a quick way to get some extra cash, but the fees can be quite high. Although you may be tempted to take out a MaxLend loan, you should consider all of your options before making a decision. You may find that there are better loans out there that are less expensive, or you may be able to pay off your MaxLend loan early without penalties.

One of the biggest benefits of getting a MaxLend loan is that you can apply online and get money into your bank account the next business day. However, you will need to meet certain qualifications to apply for one of their loans. This includes having a valid Social Security number, and a valid checking account. You will also need to show proof of income to prove that you can afford the loan.

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