No Response After an Interview? Heres How to Follow Up By Email

You still have one more chance to stand out and leave a good impression. Write a second follow-up email to ask for an update If you get no response after the established deadline. Be specific (especially when following-up on a second interview).

  • But if you’re waiting to hear if you’ve made it to the next round of interviews, you need to have some patience.
  • Thank them for their time as job interviews can require employers to set aside a lot of time, often forcing them to push off work.
  • You want to reach out to let the interviewer know you want the job without overdoing it.
  • While you wait for feedback, you can read these signs your interview went well or badly.

While phone interviews are usually more of a pre-screening and therefore more casual, you should still follow up with the recruiter or hiring manager you spoke with. At the same time, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Keep applying and interviewing for jobs as you wait for responses.

What If The Company Says They Don’t Have Any News Yet?

The follow up email should be short and to the point, the interviewer doesn’t want a play-by-play of the interview. An important part of sealing the deal after the interview is to make sure you ask the right questions at the end of the interview and then follow those guidelines. Keep your focus on what is professionally relevant, such as details on their LinkedIn profile. Here are some of the most common mistakes interviewers make and how to avoid them. For example, let’s say you talked about a project you worked on in a previous position. Include a link or sample of that project in your follow-up as a nod to the discussion and a way to show off your skills.

how to follow up on a job application after interview

Even if you don’t get a job offer, it could keep you in a recruiter’s mind when another position comes up that you may be an even better fit. All in all, following up and sending a thank-you note is never a bad idea. Yes, you should follow up two weeks after an interview.

Tips for Writing a Follow-Up Email or Letter

You might hit it off with the hiring manager, but it’s best to remain professional throughout the interviewing process. Be courteous, professional and polite to everyone you interact with during the entire process, and make sure to thank people for their time as you leave. Even if you don’t need to dress formally for your interview, you should iron whatever clothes how to follow up on a job application you’ll wear. Choosing clean, wrinkle-free items ahead of time can give others a good first impression of you. Showing up late to an interview can make a negative first impression, so you should plan your route ahead of time. Doing so can mean planning for traffic if you’re driving, or looking at transit schedules and assembling a route that lets you arrive early.

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